Aspen to Possibly Lift Cell Tower Height Restriction

In an effort to attract more telecom and tower companies to the area to improve lacking and non-existent wireless coverage, Aspen, with a current cell tower height restriction of 40 feet, is considering altering the height code to accommodate taller structures. So far, several potential tower sites have been presented to a major tower company to construct upon, if the maximum height code is lifted. According to Pitkin County commissioner, “These days people just can’t be separated from their … [Read more...]

Canadian Telecoms Pass on Buyout Offer

An investment group in Canada offered to buy three large telecoms’ towers, worth billions of dollars. The three telecom giants, BCE Inc., Telus Corp. and Rogers Communications did not agree to sell, as they felt it was more advantageous owning their own towers outright. According to BCE, Inc. spokesman, “Owning cell towers directly helps keep costs down. Inserting a third-party tower owner that takes a profit only increases both costs and complication, as our towers often carry cell sites for … [Read more...]

After 20 Years A Cell Tower Finally Wins Approval

After 2 decades of strong efforts to place a cell tower on Tilghman Island, an island located in Maryland’s Eastern Shore, a site plan has been approved at Tilghman United Methodist Church. It is not that simple though; the approval has come with stipulations: the cell tower must be concealed as a bell tower. Regarding the president of the tower company, Planning Commissioner Michael Sullivan states, “Thompson is tasked now with building the most attractive structure possible or any project of … [Read more...]

City Decides to Sell Cell Tower Leases to Obtain Immediate Revenue

AP Wireless Investments, LLC has been in negotiations with The City of Seven Hills in Ohio to buy out three of the city’s cell tower leases. This lump sum payment received by Seven Hills shall result in the elimination of future rent payments received by the municipality. According to the city’s Service Director, “A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. There’s a formula to it all that explains the time-value of money.” But, is this actually the case, or a scare-tactic? Many … [Read more...]

County Fair Board Accepts the Lump Sum Offer for its Cell Tower Lease

Minidoka County Commissioners agreed to a proposal from American Tower to buy out their lease on the county fair grounds for 30 years. The county rejected their initial offer of $100,000 for 50 years; however, accepted when they renegotiated and were offered $200,000 for 30 years land use. This sounds like a great deal; however, what did the county give up in exchange? American Tower will not provide you the information you need to make a decision that could mean hundreds of thousands of … [Read more...]

Desirable Municipality Approached for a Second Time

Lincoln Park, New Jersey is a prime spot for a cell tower, so it seems. AT&T has approached them a second time now for cell tower placement, after a failed attempt in 2011. This time around, however, the telecom giant seems more willing to compromise with the Borough of Lincoln Park’s requests. According to, “Since the company wants the site so badly, it has agreed to meet more of the borough's demands and the two sides have been negotiating a lease agreement that's … [Read more...]

Iowa Cemetery to Receive Cell Tower

A cemetery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will soon be home to a 125-foot cell tower. The City Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve a conditional use permit for its construction. This will be the first cell tower in Cedar Rapids to be located on cemetery property. John Linge, owner of Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery Association and Cedar Memorial Funeral Home Co., stated, “cell towers in cemeteries are popping up across Iowa as a way to raise revenue to support cemetery lot owners. Small rural … [Read more...]

Lake Lawrence Residents Wireless Coverage to Improve

The Lake Lawrence Community Club in Yelm, Washington, may soon be home to a new cell phone tower. Most residents agree that better coverage is needed, as the majority of them deal with dropped calls and no reception on a regular basis. This has impacted several residents in business and emergency situations. According to one resident who went through an emergency ordeal with no cell coverage, “I’ll tell you what, I’d have given a million dollars to have that cell tower then. This whole community … [Read more...]

Increase in Smartphone Usage Creating a Data Overload

Many smartphone consumers experience service interruptions on a daily basis, while walking from place to place. This is due to heavily burdened towers trying to handle all of the demands placed upon it due to the increase in smartphone usage. The connection cannot handle all of the data at once, therefore, speeds worsen as a result of the strain. According to the Business Insider, “To give you an idea of idea of how big the explosion in data growth has been, AT&T saw a 30,000% percent … [Read more...]

As Technology Evolves, So Should Your Cell Tower Lease

By 2018, close to 60 % of the world will be utilizing LTE technology, according to an Ericsson Mobility Report. This means more customers, better services and, in turn, more money for the telecom companies. If the telecom giants are increasing their revenues due to an evolution in technology, shouldn’t property owners be equally compensated, as it is due to the use of their land that these giants will receive such gains? Ultimately, a landowner’s bargaining power and leverage in negotiations … [Read more...]

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