AT&T Cell Tower Landlords Receiving Notices Following Tower Sale

Property owners with AT&T cell tower leases received notices dated October 25, 2013 regarding the recent sell of their towers. It is important that landowners are aware of how they will be impacted by the transition from AT&T to the purchaser of these towers. Many landlords are being asked to sign the letters, which will waive certain rights under their current lease terms. It is vital that all property owners seek representation before signing ANY agreement or amendment. Landowners … [Read more...]

Hilton Head Island’s New Cell Towers Now Functional

Two new cell towers are now fully functional on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, as a result of AT&T’s network expansion efforts. AT&T has invested millions of dollars into the upgrading and building of cell towers in the South Carolina market between 2010 and 2012. Its customers can now take advantage of both voice and mobile-data enhanced wireless coverage. "AT&T's continued investment in Hilton Head will only enhance the island's strong reputation as a great place for … [Read more...]

Cell Tower Proposed for New Mexico Resort Community

In Angel Fire, New Mexico, a resort community is in the approval process for a possible new cell tower to be erected on resort land. The majority of area residents are proponents to the plan, as they hope to enjoy better wireless coverage. “Many people who supported the proposal complained about dropped and missed calls while using their cell phones in the village. An Angel Fire real-estate agent told the commission the tower would have no negative effect on the value of nearby properties, and … [Read more...]

Will Montgomery Resident Win Cell Tower Approval?

A resident has spent 7 years battling to win approval for a cell tower to be erected upon his property in Montgomery Township, New Jersey. He believes his rural land is agriculturally zoned; however, he has been told by officials that his land is zoned residential, thus causing the difficulty in approval. The Township Planning Board has requested a meeting with AT&T in order continue with the application process. The landowner, according to The Princeton Packet, “appeared at the Oct. 3 … [Read more...]

After a 2-Year Struggle, Harding Church Finally Approved for Cell Tower

The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Harding, New Jersey, will soon welcome a 150-foot cell tower to its property, after spending 2 years going through the approval process. The cell tower proposal was finally passed, however, with the approval came certain tower conditions. These provisions included power supply source, lighting restrictions, tower appearance, as well as space allotment for future co-locators. The Observer-Tribune states, “The application was the subject of a very detailed … [Read more...]

Second Cell Tower For San Marcos Property Owner

A San Marcos, California, property owner may soon welcome another cell tower to join the tower that is currently in his backyard. A leading mobile carrier erected the existing cell tower a few years ago, and he has now been approached by another top carrier to construct a second tower on the same land. Although many neighbors are not content with this proposal, the property owner is happy to “make room” for the new tower. As stated in the U-T San Diego, “Cell towers, often disguised to look like … [Read more...]

Vancouver May Soon Receive Three New Cell Towers

The city council of West Vancouver, Canada, is discussing the possibility of new cell towers proposed for their city property. In an effort to increase network coverage, a leading Canadian wireless company is looking to construct multiple 120-foot towers on provincial land. The supporters of the plan are hoping to receive much-needed improved wireless service. “Driving the need for the towers is the growing demand for wireless data service and the federal government auctioning off more bandwidth … [Read more...]

Crown Castle Acquires AT&T Cell Towers

Crown Castle, the leading tower company in the U.S., has reached an agreement with AT&T to sell or lease almost 10,000 of AT&T’s wireless towers. The 4.85 billion dollar purchase price will allow AT&T to continue its network expansion and advancement into the wireless market. Previously, other mobile carriers have sold off their towers in order to acquire funds to use toward the improvement of their networks. According to, “The money will bolster AT&T’s balance … [Read more...]

Cell Tower Undergoes Upgrade by Telecom Company

A major telecom company made upgrades to yet another cell site due to its continued mobile expansion to provide better, more efficient mobile services. Manassas, Virginia residents and businesses will now receive improved and more reliable network coverage. According to a representative from the telecom company, “As part of the Manassas community, we’re always looking for new opportunities to provide enhanced coverage, and our investment in the local wireless network is another way we’re … [Read more...]

Cell Tower Landlords- Are They Being Paid Correctly?

Property owners of all types should be aware that a cell tower lease is completely different from the commercial real estate leases they may be used to or may have previously been a party to. A cell tower landlord should never assume they are being paid correctly for the use of their land by a cell phone carrier or cell tower company. Cell tower companies and carriers have and continue to capitalize on both a property owners’ lack of familiarity with the terms of a standard cell tower lease, as … [Read more...]

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