Cell Tower Proposed for New York Fire Station

Fire District Commissioners of Pine Island, New York, are discussing the possibility of adding a cell tower to the land of the local firehouse. Not only would the cell tower offset taxes as a result of the revenue that would be produced from the telecom companies’ use of the site, but it would also provide emergency communications. “It’s inevitable that the tower’s going to go somewhere, and if we can benefit as a community from emergency services communications then that might be a decision … [Read more...]

Center Township Police Station to Add Cell Tower

A police station in the Township of Center, located in Pennsylvania, will soon be breaking land for a new cell tower in their backyard. Verizon will construct the proposed 80-foot tall tower, after agreeing on a deal with Center Township following initial failed negotiations. Originally, the township did not accept the proposal, but after further talks, they have come to an agreement, and the tower will soon be standing tall. “As part of the deal, Verizon will allow Center police communication … [Read more...]

Stanly County to Improve Wireless Coverage with Multiple Cell Towers

Proposals for 3 new cell towers to be constructed in Stanfield, North Carolina, have been issued the go-ahead by the Stanly County Planning Board. The towers will be built by American Tower and will stand at 195 feet high. Each tower is proposed to be erected upon 3 different Stanfield residents' private land. There is a “growing number of consumers relying exclusively on wireless devices. More than just phones, people need reliable wireless connections for tablets, laptops and gaming consoles,” … [Read more...]

Borough of Naugatuck to Add Cell Tower to Municipal Land

In an effort to construct a cell tower on municipal property, the Borough of Naugatuck, Connecticut, is seeking approval from the local Planning Board. A parcel of land owned by the borough, located behind the police station, could soon house an AT&T monopole. Since it is located a great distance from residential areas, the approval process should run smoothly. “The proposed monopole would be a few hundred feet from any other structures. The nearest residences are houses down the hill on … [Read more...]

North Carolina Resident Awaiting Approval for Cell Tower Placement

An Eldorado, North Carolina resident is in in the process of gaining approval from the local Planning Board for a new cell tower to be constructed upon her land. A private tower construction company would build the proposed tower, which would stand at 260 feet tall. This would be beneficial as a few leading mobile carriers have limited to no coverage in the area. “Eventually the tower would be used to provide select areas with cell service where it is otherwise extremely limited or weak,” … [Read more...]

Another Cedar Rapids School Receives Cell Tower Proposal

A primary school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, may soon be making room for a new Verizon cell tower. Two other Cedar Rapids’ schools have existing cell towers located on each of their properties. Even though many parents are opposed to the proposal, the school board views it as a regular revenue source for the school. “Allowing the tower would bring in nearly $26,000 each year for the district. From a purely financial response, it would benefit the district by providing additional resources, financial … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Cell Tower Proposal Creates Stir Among Residents

Residents of a Las Vegas gated community are upset about the possible construction of a new cell tower within their neighborhood. In an effort to improve wireless coverage in the area, AT&T is seeking approval to erect an 80-foot tall cell tower in the northwest valley neighborhood. “The County Planning Commission approved it after hearing from opponents and the developer, noting in part that it meets county requirements and will aid cellphone reception, which is important for emergencies,” … [Read more...]

Increase the Value of Your Lease Today

Ultimately, a property owner with a cell tower lease needs to maximize the monthly revenue he/she receives from the use of his/her property from day one, lasting throughout the term of the lease, and also must minimize any terms that, in the future, may negatively impact the future development, disposition or financing of their property. A cell tower lease-consulting firm is an important partner to have on your side. An experienced consulting firm should be able to help you achieve the … [Read more...]

Township in New Jersey Considers New Cell Tower

The Township of Randolph, located in New Jersey, is discussing the addition of a new cell tower on municipal property after experiencing recent weather emergencies. The township has several zones with little or no wireless coverage, which can prevent communication needs if there were another serious event. “Officials realized dependable cell phone service is a critical part of being able to communicate with township departments and the residents to provide public safety during and immediately … [Read more...]

School Board in Maine Receives Proposal for New Cell Tower

South Portland School Department, located in Maine, has received a proposal from AT&T to build a cell tower on the high school’s property. The tower would be a 95-foot tall structure, and would be constructed on the school’s recreation field. The School Board is mainly considering the proposal due to the rental revenue as an added funding source. “The proposed contract would be for five years, with four additional five-year renewals. AT&T would not sublet space on its pole to any other … [Read more...]

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