Boston Church Could Receive a Contribution in the Form of a Cell Tower

A tower company has issued a proposal to erect a cell tower upon a Boston area church’s parking lot. As the church is undergoing financial difficulties, this added income in the form of cell tower rent would be the answer it needs. Although, the County Zoning Board must approve the cell tower, as the church property is currently zoned residential. “SBA Communications, based in Boca Raton, Florida, wants to build the tower and a wireless communications facility – for telecom giants Verizon … [Read more...]

San Bernardino Planning Board Discussing New Crestline Cell Tower

The Crest Forest Fire Protection District has received a cell tower proposal from Verizon to lease part of their land to build a cell tower. The Fire District along with Verizon are waiting to receive the final decision issued by the County’s Planning Commission. “The cell tower is necessary for public safety as it is an important method of communication during emergencies. The district will receive $23,400 annually in lease payments from Verizon,” according to The Alpenhorn News, as stated by … [Read more...]

Growth in Mobile Shopping Increases Cell Tower Lease Value

The outstanding growth in tablet users and increases in mobile data revenue directly impact the value of cell towers facilitating the wireless connectivity. Black Friday saw Smartphones accounting for 24.9 percent of all online traffic. Tablets drove 14.4 percent of all online sales, while smartphones provided for 7.2 percent of all online sales. IBM's Benchmark real-time reporting unit, which covers 800 online retailers and millions of transactions, reports that mobile shopping continues to … [Read more...]

Coastal Town in British Columbia May Add Cell Tower to Its Landscape

The Hammond Bay seaside community of Nanaimo, British Columbia has received an offer for a new cell tower to be erected upon the property of a local bar. Although having received protest from some upset residents, one of Canada’s largest telecom companies has determined this will be the best location for its current network needs. “It has to fit as part of our overall network, and that's the best location for it. The tower will increase community safety. Roughly half of all 911 calls are now … [Read more...]

New Cell Tower Possible for Newfane, Vermont

Following a recently approved cell tower project, AT&T has proposed another cell tower for the Town of Newfane, Vermont. Many residents opposed the initial plan and battled until the end to prevent its approval; however, the telecom company will not let that hinder its intentions, in an effort to enhance wireless services in the area. “The proposed tower would interconnect with the pending Oak Hill Road tower and an existing Putney site, resulting in significant service-quality improvements … [Read more...]

Lease Buyouts and Extensions vs. Owning a Cell Tower (It Can Be Done!)

More than ever, cell tower landlords are being contacted to extend or sell a cell tower lease, or as the industry calls it, a cell tower lease buyout, yet they are not getting true value for these assets. This is another reason why it is vital for a cell tower landlord to understand how the companies who are contacting them determine the value of the their lease, and, more importantly, what the true value their lease is. When it comes to a cell tower lease extension, property owners may find … [Read more...]

Will the FCC Relax the Ban on Mobile Phone Usage During Flights?

The FCC is finally considering lifting the ban on cell phone usage during flight, after 22 years in place. As it translates to more profit for them, the Telecommunications Industry Association is a huge proponent of the plan. “Modern technologies can deliver mobile services in the air safely and reliably, and the time is right to review our outdated and restrictive rules. I look forward to working closely with my colleagues, the FAA and the airline industry on this review of new mobile … [Read more...]

More Cell Towers May be Added to the Poolesville Water Tower

In addition to the already approved 9 cell towers, Verizon is seeking to add more to the Poolesville water tower. Verizon requires additional antennas in its effort to become more competitive by improving from a 3G network to the faster 4G network. “Verizon pays about $2,500 per month to rent the space atop the town’s water tower. Sprint, Nextel, AT&T and T-Mobile each pay between $2,300 and $3,700 per month for their spaces. It was not clear how many cell towers the other companies … [Read more...]

Landlords Continue to Receive Letters Following AT&T Transaction

AT&T landlords are still being impacted by the recent transaction by which AT&T agreed to transfer control of over 9,000 cell phone towers to a major tower company. They are continuing to receive correspondence regarding the transaction. It is of dire importance that these property owners seek counsel when reviewing and prior to signing any document they may receive, as they could be signing a waiver relinquishing certain rights away. Proper representation is needed to assist the … [Read more...]

Industrial Park in Memphis to Welcome a Cell Tower to its Landscape

A deal with a tower company to build a new cell tower has been agreed to by the Port Commission in Shelby County. The proposed cell tower is to be constructed at an Industrial Park, in which profits produced would be divided between the Shelby County Port Commission and the owners of the Industrial Park. Regarding the tower income stream, “If three companies utilized the system, as expected, the commission would get $37,900 a year. A maximum of four companies could use it, giving $50,000 … [Read more...]

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