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110_F_49625563_vyafvqKN8UTAzYQ5BQ0JNP8FrrQmPXpA[1]Ultimately, a property owner with a cell tower lease needs to maximize the monthly revenue he/she receives from the use of his/her property from day one, lasting throughout the term of the lease, and also must minimize any terms that, in the future, may negatively impact the future development, disposition or financing of their property. A cell tower lease-consulting firm is an important partner to have on your side. An experienced consulting firm should be able to help you achieve the following:

▪    Work to increase the overall value of your cell tower lease.

▪    Find a fair rental amount according to YOUR site. Every cell tower lease is unique and has a different value. Rent should be based on the value of the lease to the tower company and not the undervalued rent someone else agreed to.

▪    Provide you with answers regarding the “true value” of your property as it relates to not only a new tower or rooftop lease agreement, but, in addition, have the means to offer you the options to be able to increase the value of any existing lease you might already have.

▪    Provide you with expert consulting, outline your options going forward, and work on your behalf to garner results. You need a consulting firm that will focus on providing you results, not offering you mere advice.

▪    Provide free rent reports, lease reviews, and cell tower lease buyout analyses.

▪    Promise to keep all of your lease information confidential.

▪    Provide you with reference letters from actual clients they have achieved results for.

Remember, the cell tower companies have experts working for them, shouldn’t you?

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