How Much Rent Should I Be Receiving?

cell-phone-tower[1]Prior to a cell tower lease, properties are evaluated for cell tower suitability. A cell site lease next step will be an engagement of the property by and through a cell tower site acquisition agent or a turf vendor.

That agent of the tower company will typically have a low-ball starting lease rate in mind when they contact a property owner. So what factors does that representative use to determine a lease rate for your property?

  1. The primary factor is what similar property owners have already agreed to. Site acquisition agents are local in nature, as they generally have years of experience in a locale or region where they are deployed to acquire a new cell tower location. They have guidelines and, more importantly, incentives to get the best deal for the tower company.
  2. An experienced and skilled site acquisition professional will have already examined the area and chosen the sites that best match the cell tower location requirements (area, space needed, etc.) provided by the wireless carrier or tower company.
  3. A good site acquisition agent should know whether a property selected will work under local zoning regulations, FCC & FAA requirements, and whether the site will be cost advantageous or prohibitive.
  4. Site acquisition agents will perform a competitive analysis of the targeted area to establish whether there are multiple properties that serve as options and that meet the cell phone carrier’s or tower company’s requirements.

All this being said, these agents and representatives will not provide you with the information they have acquired. Why not? They work for the tower companies, and you should always remember that. You need an expert on your side who can tell you exactly what the site acquisition agent is looking for as it relates to the construction of a new cell tower location and what their options may be.

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