Why Has My Tenant Contacted Me So Soon to Extend my Lease?

cell-tower-shutterstock-noolwlee[1]Why are the tower companies contacting the landowners if there is still time left on the lease?  The answer: Time and money.

1.          Time-A cell tower company needs to secure additional time to both better market the tower location for future subtenants/co-co-locators it may be seeking out as source of additional revenue at the site and more importantly to satisfy existing sublet commitments it may have already made as it relates to the site, its current revenue source at the site; and

2.         Money– A cell tower company  benefits financially in that securing a site long term calms the nerves of investors as it acts as a form of guaranty that a site’s revenue stream will not be interrupted; this especially holds true for those companies who are publically traded (Crown Castle &  American Tower).

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