What Do Cell Tower Lease Buyout Companies Want With Your Lease?

cell-tower1[1]Companies such as Landmark Dividend, Unison, and AP Wireless issue buyout offers because they are looking to purchase the cash flow from your cell tower lease at a discount. They make money the old fashioned way-by making money off the assets of others. These companies offer deals that are usually structured based on a one-time, lump sum payment, to be paid to you the property owner. Sounds good right? Well, maybe not.

So, what are these companies asking for in return? These companies want two basic things:

(1) They want the right to collect the rents you are currently collecting under your present cell tower lease, and (2) They want a right to control it by way of a long term or perpetual easement.

Many property owners/landlords that I have spoken to have stated that they were engaged by representatives who use certain methods to create a state of panic, which will make them more likely to dispose of their lease. How do these companies do this?

  1. They will suggest that future technology (mini or micro cell phone towers) will make the cell tower or rooftop equipment located on the leased area obsolete;
  • The end is near, meaning that a near term termination of your tower lease is eminent; or
  • These same companies seeking to buy a property owner’s lease will allude to the fact that it is because of a certain cell phone company‘s consolidation.

If you do wish to sell your cell tower or rooftop lease, contact a professional who will work on your behalf to optimize the net value you receive. The worst mistake you can make is not having the information and proper counsel when you are presented such a cell tower lease buyout deal. You could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table. These third party buyout companies do not want you to have the same information they do, nor do they want you to be properly represented.

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