Spanish Springs Cell Tower Proposal Receives No Opposition

A tower company has approached a property owner in Spanish Springs, Nevada to build a new cell tower on his property. This proposal comes from the need to improve wireless communications for the local residents. There has been no opposition to the plan, as the spot that will house the tower is in a rather inconspicuous location. “The multi-carrier telecommunications facility will expand coverage areas for cell phones and broadband in Spanish Springs’ general rural residential areas,” states a representative from the cell tower leasing company.

If the property owner receives final approval for tower placement, it is important that he seeks counsel prior to signing a cell tower rent agreement. The landowner must be sure to receive the proper value for the use of his land, including any revenue sharing produced from co-locator income. Many property owners are being paid below-market value for the use of their property as a result of a lack of information and representation.

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