Second-Chance Cell Tower Proposal Considered for Rome, Maine

A major US tower company has issued another proposal to the Planning Board of Rome, Maine, almost a year since their first application. In order to provide service to wireless customers, who virtually have none currently, they aim to construct a 190-foot tower on a private plot of land. However, concerned about preserving the historical town, many residents of the small town are opposed to such a plan. “Environmental groups say the tower will ruin the view, while the applying company says it is needed to provide better reception to residents,” states the Morning Sentinel.

It is important that the landowner seeks proper counsel to assist with the lease negotiating process, if the Planning Board does approve the application for a new cell tower this time. The property owner must make sure to receive the true value from cell tower leasing, including any revenue sharing produced from co-locator income. Many landlords are being paid below market value for the use of their property to house telecom equipment due to a lack of industry construction process cell towerinformation.


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