San Bernardino Planning Board Discussing New Crestline Cell Tower

The Crest Forest Fire Protection District has received a cell tower proposal from Verizon to lease part of their land to build a cell tower. The Fire District along with Verizon are waiting to receive the final decision issued by the County’s Planning Commission. “The cell tower is necessary for public safety as it is an important method of communication during emergencies. The district will receive $23,400 annually in lease payments from Verizon,” according to The Alpenhorn News, as stated by the Fire District director.

Pine Tree TowerIt is of great importance that the Crest Forest Fire Protection District seeks a cell tower consultant if the proposal wins approval from the Planning Board. Prior to signing a long-term commitment with the telecom company, the Fire District must be careful to fully understand what they are agreeing to in the lease. Many property owners are being paid below-market value for the use of their property, as a result of not seeking proper representation to guide them through the process.


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