Proposed Cell Tower in Vermont “Critical for Jobs and Safety”

A private landowner in Putney, Vermont has received a cell tower lease proposal from AT&T to construct a 135-foot cell tower on his land in order to improve service in the area. At this point, the Planning Commission must decide whether or not to allow the tower on residential land. “Local input is important and often helps ensure towers are located in the right places. But we have to acknowledge how critical it is for jobs, tourism, safety, and quality of life for Vermont to have a strong broadband and cell infrastructure. We have to all be willing to put up with some inconvenience to make sure we deliver connectivity to all Vermonters,” states a former resident, as reported in Brattleboro Reformer.

billericamulti3[1]The landowner must seek proper representation to assist him throughout the cell tower lease negotiation process if the Planning Commission approves AT&T’s proposal. Many property owners are being paid below-market value for the use of their land. The primary reason for this is the lack of information and representation provided for these entities. Ample information and representation from a true landowner advocate are key factors these industries need in order to optimize the use of their properties by the telecom giants like AT&T.


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