New Cell Towers Coming Soon to Casper, Wyoming

Proposals to construct 3 new cell towers throughout Casper, Wyoming have been issued by AT&T. Improved wireless coverage by AT&T customers is needed, even though many residents oppose the new towers.  One resident who was contacted for placement on his property explains, “When they approached me, they offered $500 to sign for the contract, and then $800 a month after they got the tower in place. I’m retired, 78, 79 next month, that bit of money would really help. You can understand why I would like the tower, because it would supplement my income.”

The landowners who were approached need to seek counsel prior to signing a long-term agreement with the cell tower leasing company, in order to be sure they receive the true value for the use of her land, including any revenue sharing produced from future co-locator income. All types of property owners, including individuals, are being paid below-market value for the use of their property. The primary reason for this is the lack of information and representation provided for these entities.

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