Improved Wireless Coverage for Patrons at Soldier Field

Soldier Field stadium, in Chicago, Illinois has received an upgrade in wireless equipment thanks to AT&T and Boingo Wireles. In an effort to improve coverage available to patrons attending events and games, these telecom giants have added antennas throughout the stadium. This type of installation system is unlike a cell tower, however, will greatly boost network performance to attendees within the stadium. “Unlike a cell tower, it uses more than 250 stealth antennas hidden under speakers and behind signs, outside in the stadium’s bowl and inside in places like the United Club. This is about connectivity. People share those experiences while they are at an event,” states a spokesman for Soldier Field states, via

DASAT&T and Boingo Wireless will see a giant increase in profits as a result of adding more equipment. The landlord must attain proper counsel in order to level the playing field between the cell tower leasing company and themselves anytime there is a modification or upgrade to telecom equipment. If not, a property owner could be signing away certain rights, as well as leaving thousands of dollars on the table in the form of potential shared revenues.



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