Cell Tower Rises in Ridgewood, New Jersey Without Zoning Approval

Ridgewood, New Jersey has unexpectedly received a 100-foot AT&T cell tower on a gas station’s property, without formal approvals by the local zoning board.  As it is currently affixed to a trailer, it appears temporary, and is also in close proximity to a permanent 120-foot cell tower in the area. “No one asked permission or if any land use requirements needed to be met. Not billericaverizon1[1]sure why someone thought of placing the tower without planning board or zoning board of adjustment approvals,” states the Village Engineer.

As this is not the standard procedure of the cell tower placement process, it is of dire importance that the owner of the gas station property seeks cell tower consultants to discuss potential revenue from the use of his/ her property. Many property owners are being paid below-market value for the use of their property, and, in this case, may be receiving no revenue at all for the land use.


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