Boston Church Could Receive a Contribution in the Form of a Cell Tower

A tower company has issued a proposal to erect a cell tower upon a Boston area church’s parking lot. As the church is undergoing financial difficulties, this added income in the form of cell tower rent would be the answer it needs. Although, the County Zoning Board must approve the cell tower, as the church property is currently zoned residential. “SBA Communications, based in Boca Raton, Floridacell tower 25, wants to build the tower and a wireless communications facility – for telecom giants Verizon Wireless and AT&T – in the parking lot of the Wakefield-Lynnfield United Methodist Church,” states

While it is a blessing for a non-profit organization to receive a source of income, the landowner must determine what the true value of the lease and use of the church’s property is to the tower and telecom companies prior to signing any long-term agreement. The property owner must seek counsel to assist them in exploring all options available to maximize the full value of the property.


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