Cell Tower Lease “Market Rent” – The Reality Is, It Doesn’t Exist

“Market rent” does not determine the value of your cell tower lease. Many cell tower landlords are being approached to extend their current leases, and they, unfortunately, continue to rely upon "market rents" that have been set by the same companies who are leasing the land. Relying on so-called “market rents” to determine how to negotiate a new or existing cell tower transaction can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of a cell tower lease. Why? First of all, a cell … [Read more...]

Increase the Value of Your Lease Today

Ultimately, a property owner with a cell tower lease needs to maximize the monthly revenue he/she receives from the use of his/her property from day one, lasting throughout the term of the lease, and also must minimize any terms that, in the future, may negatively impact the future development, disposition or financing of their property. A cell tower lease-consulting firm is an important partner to have on your side. An experienced consulting firm should be able to help you achieve the … [Read more...]

Cell Tower Landlords- Are They Being Paid Correctly?

Property owners of all types should be aware that a cell tower lease is completely different from the commercial real estate leases they may be used to or may have previously been a party to. A cell tower landlord should never assume they are being paid correctly for the use of their land by a cell phone carrier or cell tower company. Cell tower companies and carriers have and continue to capitalize on both a property owners’ lack of familiarity with the terms of a standard cell tower lease, as … [Read more...]

Rooftop Cell Tower Leases Explained

A rooftop lease is often structured very similarly to a cell tower lease; however, a rooftop lease usually requires a fraction of the space, as a cell phone carrier may only need as little as 50 square feet. In addition, just like the cell tower company has the option of leasing its tower to multiple sub-tenants, you, as the building owner, also have the capability of leasing your rooftop to multiple cell phone carriers, which can ultimately produce numerous income streams. Issues to consider … [Read more...]

The Value Of Cell Tower Subleases

A cell phone carrier sublease is when that tenant leases out either the entire or part of the current leased area to another cell phone carrier tenant. The majority of cell tower leases allow the carrier or cell tower company to sublease not only the tower, but also your property to third parties. Even though the cell phone carrier tenant is letting a third party occupy and use your property, a vast majority of the time, a landowner is not entitled to a share in revenue received by that … [Read more...]

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