Landowner Leverage When Offered New Cell Tower Lease

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when negotiating with a cell tower company. Some of those include: The characteristics of your property or building, such as the height of your building relative to the adjacent buildings in your immediate area, or does your land contain topography attributes that distinguish it from others in the areas? What options do a cell tower company have as it pertains to other buildings or properties in the area with a similar … [Read more...]

What Should a Landowner Focus On When Negotiating New Cell Tower Lease?

If a landowner decides to move forward with a cell tower lease transaction, the following are the primary areas of such transaction he or she should focus on: Rent– Rent offered for a cell tower will be based on numerous and varying dynamics.  The most important factors are: a) Space requirements of a cell phone carrier or tower company to install its equipment, and a) the overall utility and functionality of the cell tower location to that cell phone carrier or tower. The amount of space … [Read more...]

How Much Rent Should I Be Receiving?

Prior to a cell tower lease, properties are evaluated for cell tower suitability. A cell site lease next step will be an engagement of the property by and through a cell tower site acquisition agent or a turf vendor. That agent of the tower company will typically have a low-ball starting lease rate in mind when they contact a property owner. So what factors does that representative use to determine a lease rate for your property? The primary factor is what similar property owners have … [Read more...]

What Factors Affect Cell Tower Lease Rates?

So like any basic negotiation, price is determined by supply and demand. So what should a property owner know to make sure he/she is optimizing the value of the site: Cell tower lease rates tend to be higher in more populated areas. Some urban areas command completely different lease rates, even though they are similar in demographics, but this not the only factor. Zoning and permitting requirements play a very important factor in the value of a site. The more liberal the permitting … [Read more...]

What Is The Zoning Process For Cell Tower Approval?

Cell tower locations must be approved by a municipality zoning and permitting committee prior to being installed, unless a municipality does not have certain requirements in place for the installation of a cell tower or rooftop equipment. In some cases, this is as simple as applying for a building permit from the local jurisdiction. However, some zoning and planning boards have created more rigorous requirements for the placement of cell tower equipment on a building or piece of raw … [Read more...]

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