Lease Buyouts and Extensions vs. Owning a Cell Tower (It Can Be Done!)

More than ever, cell tower landlords are being contacted to extend or sell a cell tower lease, or as the industry calls it, a cell tower lease buyout, yet they are not getting true value for these assets. This is another reason why it is vital for a cell tower landlord to understand how the companies who are contacting them determine the value of the their lease, and, more importantly, what the true value their lease is. When it comes to a cell tower lease extension, property owners may find … [Read more...]

Common Questions about Lease Extensions

Landowners throughout North America are approached on a daily basis by their cell tower tenants seeking to extend their current lease. Why are cell tower companies contacting a landowner when there are still several years remaining on the term of that agreement? The answer is usually tied to time and money. Cell tower lease experts are available to assist property owners who have been contacted about negotiating lease extensions, and our team can help you answer the important questions listed … [Read more...]

What Claims Do Tower and Telecom Companies Make When Seeking a Lease Extension?

Property owners need expert assistance in interpreting the claims that a cell tower company presents when seeking a lease extension, which include the following: Claim #1:  “Due to the value of the long term relationship we have with you, the landlord, we are willing to extend the current lease for the cell tower with you”. Translation:  In reality, they need the extension of time more than you do.   2. Claim #2:  “We are willing to pay you a ‘signing bonus’ if you agree to … [Read more...]

What Do Cell Tower Lease Buyout Companies Want With Your Lease?

Companies such as Landmark Dividend, Unison, and AP Wireless issue buyout offers because they are looking to purchase the cash flow from your cell tower lease at a discount. They make money the old fashioned way-by making money off the assets of others. These companies offer deals that are usually structured based on a one-time, lump sum payment, to be paid to you the property owner. Sounds good right? Well, maybe not. So, what are these companies asking for in return? These companies want … [Read more...]

Why Has My Tenant Contacted Me So Soon to Extend my Lease?

Why are the tower companies contacting the landowners if there is still time left on the lease?  The answer: Time and money. 1.          Time-A cell tower company needs to secure additional time to both better market the tower location for future subtenants/co-co-locators it may be seeking out as source of additional revenue at the site and more importantly to satisfy existing sublet commitments it may have already made as it relates to the site, its current revenue source at the site; … [Read more...]

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