Understanding A Right of First Refusal

  Increasingly, with many new cell tower leases, and on recent and future amendments to old leases, landowners are being asked to agree to a “Right of First Refusal” or “Rental Stream Offer” provision. These provisions are easily overlooked by landowners who are more focused on their immediate financial concerns; however, agreeing to a right of first refusal devalues your property as a whole, restricts your future bargaining power, and revokes your freedom of choice when it comes to … [Read more...]

Rooftop Cell Tower Leases Explained

A rooftop lease is often structured very similarly to a cell tower lease; however, a rooftop lease usually requires a fraction of the space, as a cell phone carrier may only need as little as 50 square feet. In addition, just like the cell tower company has the option of leasing its tower to multiple sub-tenants, you, as the building owner, also have the capability of leasing your rooftop to multiple cell phone carriers, which can ultimately produce numerous income streams. Issues to consider … [Read more...]

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