Second-Chance Cell Tower Proposal Considered for Rome, Maine

A major US tower company has issued another proposal to the Planning Board of Rome, Maine, almost a year since their first application. In order to provide service to wireless customers, who virtually have none currently, they aim to construct a 190-foot tower on a private plot of land. However, concerned about preserving the historical town, many residents of the small town are opposed to such a plan. “Environmental groups say the tower will ruin the view, while the applying company says it is … [Read more...]

Redding Fire and EMS Company to Replace Existing Cell Tower

A wireless tower developer has signed a long-term lease with Redding Fire and EMS Company #1, located in Redding, Connecticut. The tower developer will replace an existing tower on their land with a 120-foot tower, which will allow for multiple carriers to make use of the site, increasing wireless coverage to many customers in the area. “The fire district is leasing the tower to MCM, so those living within the fire district, which encompasses the eastern half of Redding, would likely see a … [Read more...]

Construction of New Cell Tower Begins in Missoula, Montana

Verizon has begun construction of a cell tower in Missoula, Montana following months of battling for its approval. Although the proposal was met with much controversy, in the end, the application prevailed for Verizon. As there is a growing need for improved wireless services to customers in the area, only a new tower can provide that service. “I don’t think anyone really wants the tower. But my in-laws don’t have that great of reception, and this will help other customers as well,” states a … [Read more...]

Lofty Cell Tower Planned for Popular Tourist Spot

In an effort to continue its network expansion, AT&T has issued a proposal to construct a 260-foot cell tower on Busch Mountain, located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Although, many residents are concerned about the impact such a giant cell tower could have on the economy and tourism industry, as this precise area is one of the region’s prime vacation spots. “If tourists know that in Eureka Springs West there is a 260-foot tower, they might choose to go somewhere else," suggests one concerned … [Read more...]

Stealth Cell Tower Discussed for Jackson Hole Fairgrounds

AT&T has issued to Town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming a proposal for the construction of a new cell tower. The stealth cell tower would be disguised as a lamp-post and would stand at 60 feet high. “The goal is to improve cell service in town, partly to help accommodate the increasing number of smartphone users logging on to the Internet and sending pictures, a contractor working on the project told the Jackson Town Council at a workshop last week,” states the Jackson Hole News and Guide. It is … [Read more...]

Elementary School in Florida Approved for Cell Tower Project

The Pasco County School Board has voted to allow a cell tower to be constructed at Seven Oaks Elementary School in Tampa, Florida. It was overwhelmingly approved by the Board, despite the fact that many residents and parents of the school children opposed the plan. “Assistant Superintendent Ray Gadd argued if they don't install the tower at the elementary school, it will just go up somewhere else nearby. ‘No parents in Pasco County are going to be able to escape radiofrequency waves, Gadd said. … [Read more...]

Spanish Springs Cell Tower Proposal Receives No Opposition

A tower company has approached a property owner in Spanish Springs, Nevada to build a new cell tower on his property. This proposal comes from the need to improve wireless communications for the local residents. There has been no opposition to the plan, as the spot that will house the tower is in a rather inconspicuous location. “The multi-carrier telecommunications facility will expand coverage areas for cell phones and broadband in Spanish Springs' general rural residential areas,” states a … [Read more...]

New Cell Towers Coming Soon to Casper, Wyoming

Proposals to construct 3 new cell towers throughout Casper, Wyoming have been issued by AT&T. Improved wireless coverage by AT&T customers is needed, even though many residents oppose the new towers.  One resident who was contacted for placement on his property explains, “When they approached me, they offered $500 to sign for the contract, and then $800 a month after they got the tower in place. I’m retired, 78, 79 next month, that bit of money would really help. You can understand why I … [Read more...]

Boston Church Could Receive a Contribution in the Form of a Cell Tower

A tower company has issued a proposal to erect a cell tower upon a Boston area church’s parking lot. As the church is undergoing financial difficulties, this added income in the form of cell tower rent would be the answer it needs. Although, the County Zoning Board must approve the cell tower, as the church property is currently zoned residential. “SBA Communications, based in Boca Raton, Florida, wants to build the tower and a wireless communications facility – for telecom giants Verizon … [Read more...]

San Bernardino Planning Board Discussing New Crestline Cell Tower

The Crest Forest Fire Protection District has received a cell tower proposal from Verizon to lease part of their land to build a cell tower. The Fire District along with Verizon are waiting to receive the final decision issued by the County’s Planning Commission. “The cell tower is necessary for public safety as it is an important method of communication during emergencies. The district will receive $23,400 annually in lease payments from Verizon,” according to The Alpenhorn News, as stated by … [Read more...]

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