Proposed Cell Tower in Vermont “Critical for Jobs and Safety”

A private landowner in Putney, Vermont has received a cell tower lease proposal from AT&T to construct a 135-foot cell tower on his land in order to improve service in the area. At this point, the Planning Commission must decide whether or not to allow the tower on residential land. “Local input is important and often helps ensure towers are located in the right places. But we have to acknowledge how critical it is for jobs, tourism, safety, and quality of life for Vermont to have a strong … [Read more...]

Residential Cell Tower Ordinance May Be Amended in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem’s City Council will meet to discuss amending an ordinance to allow cell tower construction in residential areas. You'll find cell towers and cell phone tower leases are required in all areas, particularly if consumers would like wireless coverage in their homes. This is in an effort to improve wireless and data services to home consumers in the vicinity. “Nationally, about 30 percent of homes use wireless service exclusively. In Forsyth County, about three of every four calls to … [Read more...]

Library in San Diego Potential Site for New Rooftop Cell Tower

AT&T has issued a proposal to a library in San Diego in an effort to place a rooftop cell tower on the public building. This would yield a cell phone tower lease to the municipality.  There is a need for improved wireless coverage for consumers in the area; however, some residents of the Carmel Valley suburb are not happy about this proposition. “The company says the tower will help improve in-home wireless service…the tower would be concealed on the rooftop of the library, and it would … [Read more...]

Wireless Improvement Plan to Benefit Vail Residents and Tourists

Early last year, Vail began the process of improving its wireless infrastructure in order to solve connectivity issues with its residents. During the 2012 holiday season there was a major cell equipment overload, sparking the need for local enhancement. Many residents and visitors experienced dropped calls and generally poor service. “Throughout the course of 2013, the town hammered out a service agreement with Crown Castle, a cell tower leasing company, for an upgraded antenna system in town. … [Read more...]

Cell Tower Rises in Ridgewood, New Jersey Without Zoning Approval

Ridgewood, New Jersey has unexpectedly received a 100-foot AT&T cell tower on a gas station’s property, without formal approvals by the local zoning board.  As it is currently affixed to a trailer, it appears temporary, and is also in close proximity to a permanent 120-foot cell tower in the area. “No one asked permission or if any land use requirements needed to be met. Not sure why someone thought of placing the tower without planning board or zoning board of adjustment approvals,” states … [Read more...]

Ranch in Jackson Hole May Add Cell Tower to its Tree Landscape

A new cell tower may soon be added to the largest deeded ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Snake River Ranch. Planned to be disguised as a pine tree, the 80-foot cell tower proposal has been issued to the county planners by AT&T. As a stealth tower, it would blend in with the surrounding trees, while providing improved wireless coverage to area consumers. “The proposed tower meets Teton County’s goal of a vibrant community by enhancing cellphone service to ensure personal and community … [Read more...]

Existing Cell Tower Site May Soon Undergo Transition

Verizon is proposing to take over a Nextel cell tower site, located at a shopping plaza in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The telecom giant is looking to improve its 4G LTE wireless network for consumers in the area. If approved, the cell site would become equipped with several Verizon antennas, along with a new building for an emergency generator. “The planning group said it was approved in support of the development of the phone system in the area. Our job is to help integrate it in, so it’s as … [Read more...]

Improved Wireless Coverage for Patrons at Soldier Field

Soldier Field stadium, in Chicago, Illinois has received an upgrade in wireless equipment thanks to AT&T and Boingo Wireles. In an effort to improve coverage available to patrons attending events and games, these telecom giants have added antennas throughout the stadium. This type of installation system is unlike a cell tower, however, will greatly boost network performance to attendees within the stadium. “Unlike a cell tower, it uses more than 250 stealth antennas hidden under speakers and … [Read more...]

Live Stream of Super Bowl XLVIII Available on Mobile Devices

Super Bowl XLVIII coverage will be made available for free via live streaming from Fox Sports, for the third year in a row. Wireless consumers will be able to access the footage on a variety of mobile devices, which will be a popular convenience for many. “The free coverage will start on Sunday, February 2nd at 6:30 p.m. on, but also on the FoxSportsGo application for the iPhone and iPad, and will include the halftime show featuring Bruno Mars,” states Yahoo News. This … [Read more...]

New Mexico Police Station Receives Dual-Purpose Cell Tower

A new cell tower has been constructed upon the Ruidoso Police Department’s property, located in New Mexico. Verizon has built a 120-foot cell tower, which is a win-win situation for the police department, as they will be able to utilize the tower for their own emergency equipment, as well as receive monthly cell tower rent. "Having the new tower so close to the police station will be a big help. The new Verizon tower will allow better coverage for police and civilians alike,” states Ruidoso … [Read more...]

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